Plant-Based Multivitamin: 60+ Ingredients For Immunity, Energy, And Stamina

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  1. Complete your multivitamin deficiencies in a natural way: Multivitamin capsules with high levels of potency metabolize in your body quicker and meet the daily requirements for multivitamins for both genders.
  2. A complete and nutritious diet for total enrichment! Be it joints, muscles, bones stomach, brain heart, or any other body part these nutrients help to ensure the proper operation of all
  3. Get your vitamins from 50+ natural components: Packed with highly active and potent plant extracts that are sourced from clean farms in order to offer you with the nutrition that comes from nature.
  4. Numerous benefits from vitamin supplements that are natural: Get multiple nutrients that aid you in a variety of ways and help you accomplish a variety of tasks throughout the day with energy, enthusiasm and joyfully.

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Plant-Based Multivitamin: 60+ Ingredients For Immunity, Energy, And Stamina

Plant-Based Multivitamin: 60+ Ingredients For Immunity, Energy, And Stamina

Rs. 549

Plant-Based Multivitamin

Bridge potential nutritional gaps and support overall health with our daily multivitamin tablets.
This comprehensive formula provides a balanced blend of essential vitamins and minerals,
including Vitamin A, C, D, E, B complex, and vital minerals like calcium, magnesium, and
zinc. Our multivitamin tablets are a convenient way to ensure you're getting the daily
nutrients your body needs to thrive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can it trigger any digestive problems?
No. Actually, it's an easily digestible formula which promotes bowel movement. It eases digestion and does not create any stomach acid or acidity.
Who can benefit from multivitamin supplements?
Anyone looking to improve their nutritional profile or are suffering from symptoms like fatigue, weakness, weak immune system, chronic sickness and other issues can benefit from multivitamins.
Are there any adverse negative effects?
100% Plant base Each of our products is made under the direction of an expert, in accordance with the RDA guidelines and are approved by the relevant authorities, ensuring that they are perfect for consumption and no side-effects.
Are they vegan?
Yes, this is a vegan formula 100% Plant Base ( free of gluten )* How long does it take to show results?